Turkey : Corona virus motions from CHP to TBMM

Turkish citizen pointed out that a male patient test results begin to happen in Turkey epidemic fear with the emergence of positive CHP Deputy Chairman and Bursa deputy Lale Karabıyık written on parliamentary questions throughout the National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk country to be affected by the epidemic asked for measures to be taken in schools.


CHP’s Karabıyık used the following statements in his question proposal:

* Emerged in Wuhan city of China, who was diagnosed in 119 thousand 132 people on 10 March 2020, 117 countries, 4 thousand 26 people, the virus corona lost their lives, was seen yesterday as Turkey.

* Turkish citizen of a male patient with a positive test result began to experience fear of any outbreak in Turkey. Schools, which have been on the agenda for years due to the fact that thousands of students are educated and physical conditions and hygiene conditions are not sufficient, pose a great risk for the spread of the epidemic at this point.

In the proposal, the following questions were asked;

What measures have been taken to prevent schools from being affected by the epidemic across the country?

How many schools have been disinfected across the country?

Have schools been found to have insufficient hygiene conditions?

While the necessary steps for equalizing physical conditions have not been taken in all schools for years, is there a study to prevent this deadly epidemic from spreading through schools?

Is it possible to put forward the intermediate holiday?

CHP Deputy Chairman and Bursa Deputy Lale Karabıyık (SÖZCÜ)


Republican People’s Party Deputy Chairman Veli Ağbaba the Health Minister Fahrettin Koca questions about the first case detected in Corona virus has forced Turkey.

After the statement of the Minister of Health, Ağbaba stated that there are question marks about the measures taken in the fight against the Corona virus, and said:

* In the first case than we live in, it does not explained in what way the patient’s entry to Turkey. Did this person come by plane, came by train, came by car? Although these are important details, no explanation is made.

* If arrived by plane, there is a chance that the flight crew and more than 150 passengers had come into contact with the virus for several hours. It is unclear whether these possibilities have been explored and the necessary tests have been carried out.

* How many days ago this person logged in, it is not clear who came into contact at work and in his private life, from the day he logged in to the quarantine. These had to be determined and tests had to be done.

* How should the citizen be cautious if the Ministry releases the mandate? While there is very serious information pollution about Corona virus in public, the Ministry should not raise new questions in people’s minds.

The most important task of the Ministry in this process is to carry out this challenging process in the most transparent way possible, to remove the doubts in the society and to ensure that citizens are calm.

Will the CHP congress be postponed due to the Corona virus?Will the CHP congress be postponed due to the Corona virus?

In the written question proposal, it was said:

Health Minister Fahrettin husband, at a press conference held on March 11, 2020 in Corona virus (Covidien-19) for the first time stated that a citizen is detected in Turkey from Europe. Moving from this frame;

Corona citizens diagnosed with the virus in Turkey and the date by which entries were made in what way? Is the vehicle in which the diagnosis-speaking patient entered the country was detected? Is the vehicle in question disinfected?

Turkey Sign in to our citizens that the vehicle is ever reached to the officials and coaches? Have the necessary tests on the corona virus been applied to these people?

Have Corona virus tests been applied to our citizens, who may have contacted at the workplace or school, shopping malls or hospitals, from the moment our citizen entered the country, until he was quarantined?

Does your ministry have a project for periodically applying routine Corona virus testing to citizens, as in South Korea?

What is the 14 Day rule? What are the ways to protect against corona virus?What is the 14 Day rule? What are the ways to protect against corona virus?