Turkey : Last minute… Kadir Şeker’s statement from the Minister of Justice

Answering journalists’ questions Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül, 20-year-old, who murdered Özgür Duran (32) in Konya while beating his lover Ayşe D. View Kadir’s Full ProfileRegarding durum s situation, he said:

“This investigation will be completed within the framework of the evidence. Our task is to wait for the investigation to end. Our expectation is that the investigation is completed as soon as possible. It should be said also. It is wrong to evaluate a person as a prisoner when he is under arrest. Imprisonment is a precaution. Being imprisoned does not mean that he is guilty. It does not mean that he is not guilty because he was released. All of these will come up with the decision of the judge and prosecutor at the trial stage. ”

Signature campaign started for Kadir ŞekerSignature campaign started for Kadir Şeker

Murder citizens in Konya divided into two!Murder citizens in Konya divided into two!