Turkey : Last situation in dollar / TL exchange rate: how much was the dollar?

The dollar / TL, which reached the peak of the last eight months with 6.05 yesterday, is moving at 6.02 levels as of 08.18 this morning. Euro / TL rate is in the range of 6.56-6.58.

While Bloomberg wrote that state banks are trying to stop the rise of the exchange rate by selling large amounts of dollars, the high voltage markets in Idlib will continue to be the main topic that the markets will follow.

The statements of President Tayyip Erdoğan about the steps to be taken in Idlib today are among the subjects that the markets will follow closely.

Although Asian stock exchanges and US stock futures rose slightly with the hopes that the worst period is left behind in the corona virus outbreak in China, the ongoing uncertainties about the outbreak cause investors to act cautiously.

The MSCI index, which followed the Asia-Pacific stock markets outside Japan, rose 0.31 percent. Chinese locomotive shares fell 0.12 percent but other exchanges were not affected by this decline. (SOZCU.COM.TR, REUTERS)