Turkey : Last minute … The number of dead in Corona virus has reached 9 thousand! Here is the final situation

The corona virus that spreads rapidly after emerging in Wuhan city of China continues its effect worldwide. While bad news continues to come from Europe about the disease, Chinese officials have announced that for the first time in December, no ‘domestic new case’ has been identified in the fight against the epidemic.

Here is the latest information about the virus worldwide:

Italy: In Italy, where the epidemic had the greatest impact outside of China, the death toll continues to increase without slowing down. According to the last shared figure, the number of deaths increased from 2 thousand 503 to 2 thousand 978. The total number of cases was recorded as 35 thousand 713.

Iranian: Kiyanuş Cihanpur, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, lastly announced the figures in the country yesterday. According to Cihanpur, the number of deaths in the country is 1135 and the total number of cases is 17 thousand 361.

Spain: In Spain, which is the second country that has lost the most in Europe by passing France, the total case has reached 14 thousand 769 and the number of deaths has reached 638.


The number of cases recently announced in France was announced as 9 thousand 134 and the number of deaths as 264.

USA: President Donald Trump signed the bill, which stipulates the US to be tested free of charge in the fight against the corona virus outbreak. The number of cases in the country reached 9.4464, while the number of dead reached 155.


United Kingdom:
The number of cases across the island rose to 2,626 and the number of deaths to 104. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a holiday decision about the schools that were criticized. There are news that quarantine will be applied across the city in London.

Germany: While the number of cases in the country increased by approximately 3 thousand to 12 thousand 327, the number of deaths increased by 2 to 28.


It was announced that the first deaths occurred in Malaysia and Mexico due to the corona virus. Australia and New Zealand banned entry and exit from foreign countries.

The figures are taken from ‘worldometers’.