Turkey : Latest situation in İBB’s ‘Suspended Invoice’ campaign

In the “Suspended Invoice” campaign, which was announced by Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, on May 4 to help citizens who have economic difficulties due to the corona virus epidemic, the amount paid before the feast reached 20 million 596 thousand TL.

According to the current situation, 152 thousand 347 water and natural gas bills were paid by charitable citizens. Thus, the number of pending invoices dropped to 95 thousand 786.


İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu thanked the help lovers on his social media account and said, “In our Suspended Invoice campaign, a 20 million bill was paid by nearly 150 thousand families in need. Thanks to all our philanthropic citizens who show an example of solidarity as the holiday approaches. Our social assistance and support activities are also continuing. ”


According to the latest data shared by İmamoğlu, the number of people applying to İBB for social assistance has reached 1 million 30 thousand 431. Needs assessment of 681 thousand 94 families was made. Food and hygiene parcels were distributed to 321 thousand 404 families. Shopping support cards were given to 35 thousand 743 families. 12 thousand 92 people also received psychological counseling.


Those who want to support invoices for those who have difficulties in payment can contribute by reaching 153 İBB White Table or by visiting https://askidafatura.ibb.gov.tr/ website. Contribution can be made by selecting the invoice that is left to the “Suspended Invoice” portal and to pay the amount that does not have a subscriber name. Thus, a solidarity is developed in which the giving hand does not see the receiving hand.

Only those who have been approved by the IMM for social assistance can leave an invoice. Those who have not requested social assistance before can start this process by making a request from https://sosinc.ibb.gov.tr.

IMM concludes social assistance reviews very quickly and approves those in need. Invoices to be suspended must belong to those who are approved as in need.

Imamoglu shared the “Suspended Invoice” map: It shows that the support is going to the right placesImamoglu shared the “Suspended Invoice” map: It shows that the support is going to the right places

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