Turkey : What is the HES code? How to get Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) code via SMS?

With Hayat Eve Sığar (HEPP) application, code can be traveled safely. After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca announced that he would not travel without the HEPP code, the citizens started to search for the questions of “What is the HEPP code” and “How to get the HEPP code” on the internet to be informed about the HEPP code. Here is what you need to do for HEPP code …


travel ban in Turkey was extended for another 15 days. However, in June, THY started planning domestic flights. The travel ban to the metropolitan cities is expected to be lifted with the new moon. In this regard, Fahrettin Koca, the Minister of Health, who made a statement after the meeting of the Scientific Committee, explained that those who will travel can travel with the HES code. Hayat Eve Sığar will be taken with the application, thanks to the one-time code, where the citizens will go, who they will travel with will be recorded, and if someone is detected, the condition of everyone on that journey will be taken under control. Health Minister Koca announced that the implementation of the HEPP code will start soon.


After explaining that HES code and airplane and train travels can be made, it was started to wonder how to get HES code. The HEPP code can be obtained by entering the ‘HEPP code operations’ section via the Hayat Eve Sığar application.

HEPP Code can also be obtained via SMS method. To get HEPP code with a text message, write HEPP and leave a space between them, respectively; The TC identity number, the last 4 digits of the TC identity serial number and the sharing period (in days) are written and sent to 2023 as SMS.


Hayat Eve Sığar Application, which will enable corona virus case tracking over the phone, was created in cooperation with three operators and Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK).

At the press conference, the minister explained the new practice with the following words: “In order to follow our cases, we conducted a study to see their isolation. This is a table in collaboration with three operators and BTK (Information Technologies and Communication Authority). It will be activated in the next 1-2 days. An app has been developed, our patients have to download it. “We are transitioning to a system where they can both monitor and see their own situation instantly. I am talking about a system that alerts him with a message when he sees mobility, reminds him to be isolated at home, and that when necessary, the police forces will be activated. Our Communication Department will also make statements in the next two days. ”

In the information given about the application from the Ministry of Health, it was said:

* He will give a risk score to the person who has been in too many risky areas and has been in contact with many people in the near future and will send that person to the test if necessary, and even if he has friends, he will give you an increased risk of this friend. If the test is done and turns out negative, it will reset the risk.

* With the application, you can see the density of infected patients in your area. It will be very useful if the family and everyone you meet with are trying to install it.

* Also, it is inevitable to load the ones under insulation. Installing this application by everyone will follow many things and will easily find the chain of contact after the disease.

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