Turkey : Leave Kanal Istanbul and look at Earthquake Istanbul! – Sözcü Newspaper

Istanbul’small and small earthquakes continue. Day before Sile Sofular‘in 3.1 Another magnitude earthquake happened.

These are harmless earthquakes, but scientists “Great Istanbul Earthquake”says he is on the way.

Elazig-Malatya 4 months in advance of the earthquake, the location was precisely accurate. Professor Dr. Naci Görür now too Marmara ‘saying that there is an intense accumulation of energy “The danger is approaching Istanbul!” he warns everyone.


Earthquakes for centuries Turkeyis the spooky truth of.

September 10, 1509 ‘in Second Beyazit occurring in time Istanbul the earthquake 130 thousand the person is dead and the name in history “Small doomsday” passed as. In the records, large waves formed in the sea after the earthquake Galata tower’it is written how much it has reached.

Republic the most devastating of many earthquakes that occurred during the 1939‘On Erzincan the earthquake. 7.9 terrible earthquake 33 thousand our citizen is dead.

The biggest earthquake in recent times 1999occurring in Pond based Marmara the earthquake. 7.4 magnitude earthquake 18 thousand our citizen died.


Political governments talk a lot about the earthquake, but for some reason they do not heed the warnings of scientists.

An earthquake greater than 7 will hit Istanbul in the not too long future! Scientists say so.

Political power Canal Istanbul by consolidating risky buildings that he would spend billions on the herpes project. IstanbulWouldn’t it be much better if he prepared for earthquake?

Leave Kanal Istanbul, look at the earthquake in Istanbul!

The AKP If his power does not heed warnings and jeopardize the lives of millions of Istanbul, this cannot be overcome!


Citizens invented after the 1999 earthquake “Compulsory Earthquake Insurance” for Natural Disaster Insurance Institution TCIPpays a premium.

Well TCIPDoes it pay for those who are damaged by the earthquake?

From incoming complaints TCIP‘It appears that it has created difficulties for citizens.

Journalist Gungor Denizasan‘of Taksim Talimhane ”well sealed due to earthquake At Serin apartment I transferred what happened to him from the letter he sent. This time huntersby Nurseli Durmaz (nurselidurmaz4@hotmail.com) says:

“Insurance does not pay. After the earthquake on September 26, 2019 Avcilar MosqueOur building in the area where the minaret of Istanbul was overthrown was damaged, TCIP expert came to the damage assessment. Insurance “The building was not damaged” He does not pay by saying. Whereas “Not damaged” Demolition order came to the building called. We are victims of 35 apartments. Help!”

Sahi has been collecting money for earthquake insurance for 20 years TCIP what does it do?


Temel’s letter to God!

The basic soldier is left without money. In desperation God’She decides to write a letter:

“God, you are big, I have no money. I have no one to ask. You suffer to the Basic servant, send a 100 lira! “ He throws the stamp into the mailbox by typing the stamp.

As soldier letters were read in the procession, they took Temel’s letter to the captain who was the commander of the company.

Captain, suffering from Temel’s helplessness, 80 lira he puts it in the envelope and sends it to Temel the next day.

Temel, who opens the envelope, takes 80 lira and God’He immediately writes another letter to.

“Thank you, my great God. I got the money you sent. Only, I would be glad if you send the letter directly to me next time. Because our commander exceeded 20 lira for 100 lira! ”


Nations, like people, are strengthened by the painful experiences that happen to them!