Turkey : Meet for electric and driverless vehicles – Sözcü Gazetesi

At the conference held jointly with the Mechatronics Engineers Association at Ostim Technical University, managers, academics and students working in the electric and autonomous vehicles sector came together. The President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Professor at the conference. Dr. Habip Asan, Chairman of Ostim Foundation Orhan Aydın also participated.

Mechatronics Engineers Association President Ömer Yasin Adıgüzel said that the aim of the conference was to bring industry managers, academics and students working on electric and autonomous vehicles together. Electric and autonomous vehicles place in the world and in Turkey and records will be shared at the conference of the latest trends Adıgüzel, if the widespread use of electric vehicles drawing attention to the damage caused to the environment of vehicles powered by petroleum drew attention to the greatly reduced this damage.

Mechatronics Engineers Association President Ömer Yasin Adıgüzel


Adding to the importance of having autonomous features of vehicles, Adıgüzel said, “90 percent of traffic accidents are driver-related. The sensors placed in autonomous vehicles go by themselves based on the data they receive from the environment with an artificial intelligence via the sensing devices in the vehicles. The vehicle can make its own decisions. Autonomous vehicles will allow us to travel by drinking coffee inside the vehicle in the coming days. It will allow us to go from one place to another in a comfortable way, most importantly, to reach our destination without any accident and loss of life. We believe that we will start a global trend with our electric domestic and national car TOGG. I believe that we will have a say in the world about autonomous vehicles outside Europe and America ”.