Turkey : The sight was surprised: he hit the shore, exactly 200 meters!

Giant plastic pipe, 200 meters long and 1.5 meters in diameter, hit the shore in Kumkoy District of Aksu district.

Citizens who noticed the pipe of unknown origin came to the Aksu Police Department.


While the pipe was pulled towards the shore with a work machine, Bilgihan İnce from the local people said, “Our neighborhood residents said that a very large pipe hit the shore on the beach. We went to the beach. We don’t know how and where he came from. ”

According to the news of DHA; İnce, as they explained that they took the pipe ashore with the help of a scoop, continued as follows:

“Information was given to Aksu Police by the first citizens who saw it. He always brought fish out of the sea, this time a huge 200-meter pipe came out.