Turkey : Movement to be discussed from the AKP vice president

The number of cases in Turkey increasingly Artania corona virus, the measures include placing quarantined the dorm thousands of citizens returning from Umrah.

Rasim Arı, the Mayor of Nevşehir’s AKP, instructed his deputy Ersan Erkut and sent the Nevşehirli Umrah group in Konya Kutalmışoğlu Süleyman Şah Student Dormitory to visit.



Erkut and the 4 people with him met with the director of the KYK and requested information to meet the needs of his nurses who stayed in the dormitory.

After the meeting, Erkut went to the dormitory and visited the Nevşehir group of 90 people. It was noteworthy that Erkut went up to the rooms without wearing a mask and met with the citizens. Erkut, who posted the visit photos from his social media account, removed the photos upon the reactions.


Ersan Erkut, who stated that they visited Ümrecileri from the social media account with the instructions of the Mayor Rasim Arı, we made our last meetings in Konya afterwards. Our nurses are healthy and peaceful with all the facilities provided by our state. We insulate ourselves for 14 days in the house organized by our President in Ankara and organized by us ”.