Turkey : Request for intervention from former employees to bankruptcy lawsuit

Airline firm Atlasglobal decided to stop its flights by entering the financial crisis in November of last year. Former employees of the airline company, which served as bankruptcy, hostess and cabin clerk, came to Bakırköy Courthouse and requested intervention.

Atlasglobal officially filed for bankruptcyAtlasglobal officially filed for bankruptcy

Employees claiming that they could not get their salaries and compensations said, “Therefore, it was necessary to intervene in your court file. I requested the court to submit a petition with the statement “I request the decision to accept the request for intervention in the bankruptcy file.”

Former employees of the bankrupt Atlasglobal company came to the Bakırköy Courthouse on the claim that their receivables were not paid, and requested an intervention to the 3rd Commercial Court of First Instance. / Photo: UAV


Birol Balaban, one of the company’s former captain pilots, said in a press release in front of Bakırköy Courthouse: Our request was to get our progress payments, but in the process these people flew without charge. As a result, we lost a brand. We have receivables, the employer has stated that he will constantly give them. We expected him to pay yesterday, but this promise was not fulfilled. We also wanted to be involved in the case to get the price of our sweat. For this reason, we came to petition but some of us could not petition due to corona virus measures. However, we decided to be a follower of this rightful case, “he said.

What are the rights of those who buy tickets from Atlasglobal?What are the rights of those who buy tickets from Atlasglobal?

“I hope the employer keeps the promises now”

Stating that almost all Atlasglobal employees are involved in the case, Balaban said, “However, the majority of them are pilots and cabin crew. This is a long process, but we want to follow this process. I hope the employer keeps his promises now. ”

On the other hand, former employees said that they created the Atlaszedeler Justice Platform. (IHA)