Turkey : Neighbor’s leader calls Trump – world news

Iran is preparing for elections in the shadow of international tension, economic crisis and sanction… Iran President Hasan Ruhani made a statement today. In his speech broadcast live on the official website, Ruhani called for elections to be held on 21 February.

Reminding that the US imposed sanctions on Iran, Ruhani said that the maximum pressure of US President Donald Trump should not harm the national union. Spiritual, “We should not let Trump create the gap he is trying to create between institutions and the public. We must continue to be together. Do not go back to the elections to be held on February 21. Have a wide participation. ”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Council, which evaluates all candidates in the country, has disqualified 9,000 of the 14,000 candidate candidates up to now. Moderate politicians announced that there were no candidates in many cities.