Turkey : Last minute… Minister Soylu announced… Support to earthquake survivors has been announced

The aids included in the support program announced by Soylu are as follows;

– 41 thousand TL of aid will be given to those whose house has been completely destroyed.

– Citizens who can buy their belongings will receive approximately 11 thousand liras in rent.

– 11 thousand lira of emergency aid and 5 thousand lira of goods will be given to those whose houses are destroyed in the villages.

– Those living in houses with medium damage will be given 5 thousand lira support and 27 thousand lira strengthening loan.

– 50 thousand food packages will be distributed daily.

– A temporary accommodation area consisting of a thousand containers will be created in the earthquake zone.

– We have identified 45 shelters so far. 24 thousand 402 tents were shipped to the region.


Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum also gave information about the number of damaged buildings. Institution, “As of today, we have 50 ruined buildings in Elazig center, Sivrice and Maden. We have 308 heavily damaged and 150 medium damaged buildings. 22 of these buildings consist of buildings to be demolished ” said.

Last minute ... Number of casualties increased to 39 in Elazig earthquakeLast minute … Number of casualties increased to 39 in Elazig earthquake