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Ilhan CutterBoth economics and politics are a wide deputy.

It follows the economic developments in the world not by day, but by the hour.

Turkey is one of the parliamentarians who know the economy best. Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization who Contact İlhan directlyto politics Motherland Partywas expelled from, Bursa Deputy It was. 2007 since, 13 years CHP Istanbul Deputy…

Contact İlhan directly We have economy conversations whenever possible. I listen to him carefully in his TV shows.

Cutterthat today power cannot manage the economy well, coronaviruses Stating that even if there is no epidemic, the situation is moving towards a deep swamp every day;

“Spring does not come after every winter… Although the season will be summer after the epidemic, economies will enter the post-nuclear winter” says and adds:


Nuclear winter the term a British used the newspaper… Yes, the world will live the winter after a nuclear war. Of course, there may be those who think this is spooky but I think it is not spooky but realistic… The problems in the economy are very serious … After the job is done, hafazanallah, accusing the government will not help anyone!

Recent economic shrinkage, zero growth, half growth both made unemployment a disaster and production fell too much. Since there is no investment, production has almost come to a halt… ”


Than this coronaviruses while there was no epidemic in December In my speech, I said the following:

December in our country (Sivas) is the winter month. But spring does not come after every winter. Sometimes, just as we are happy that the winter is over, a much harder winter comes from last winter, which we believe ‘Black winter’ he says.

Our friends in economy management are trying to give morale by saying that we are about to get out of the winter and the worst is over. but our economy does not come out of the winter, but rather it enters the black winter.

Short-term external debts are challenging us.

We need serious outsourcing. But there is no money from outside!

The situation is grave. Except for the ones to be completed this year, it is necessary to stop all public investments.

Treasury guarantee with income guarantee payments to given companies must be stopped for this year. There is a very valid reason for the state. ”


So how do we get out of this black or nuclear winter?

We have to find foreign currency for this… But nobody Turkeyis not willing to lend to…

So, what about it?

İlhan Keskin “It is necessary to apply to the IMF” he says and continues as follows:

“The IMF, Turkey is not an enemy … not the boogeyman, not evil …

Power The IMF is not willing to deal with. In fact, we are the founding partner of this institution and we invest money in this institution like dues every year.

We still have a 6 billion dollar reserve fund at the IMF. The IMF is able to lend us 6 and a half times 6 billion, or 9 billion dollars with 1 percent interest.

The IMFhas helped us a lot until today. We have to accept this.


The IMF When the debt gives money, of course he will ask for control.

It is not a shame that a government is supervised by one of the world’s most respected institutions, of which it is a founding partner.

This government is allergic to the IMF. Because if an agreement is made with the IMF, they will no longer be able to waste the money as they wish, they will not be able to spend arbitrary expenses.

This power, TurkeySleeping on human capital of.

Today Turkeyhas a human capital over its economic size. Ministry of Foreign Affairsexists in Ministry of InteriorThere is in the army, in the army, in the judiciary, in education … There is, but there is no management understanding that will benefit from these values!

Contact İlhan directlysummary of what he says: “They pity the country”


The adventure of 300 Euros

With the promise of the economy, an economic clause fits today:

In times of crisis GreeceA rich tourist comes to a small seaside town…

Enters a hotel. the reception desk 300 Euros he leaves a deposit and says he wants to go up and look at the rooms, if he doesn’t like it, he’ll get his money back.

The hotel owner as the tourist climbs upstairs and slowly and carefully checks the rooms 300 EurosHe hurries to the town in a hurry and pays his debt to him.

The butcher goes to the farmer with the money he receives from the hotelier and pays the meat for the meat he bought from him.

mobile 300 eurosThe farmer who puts in goes straight to the gas station, pays the station owner and closes the debt of the fuel he gets to start his tractor.

With the money he received from the farmer, the owner of the gas station goes to the prostitute of the town and closes the tax on him.

Elina 300 EurosThe prostitute who takes’ takes the road of the hotel directly, leaves the debt to the hotel owner to the reception …

The tourist goes down before the owner of the hotel gets the money from the reception. The hotel did not like the rooms. He takes his money and goes out.

No one even won a penny, but all the townspeople have paid their debts and look to the future with hope. Here is the wheel of the economy …


No river can quench the thirst of a dry society!

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