Turkey : Candies remain for Eid al-Adha – Economic news

Continuing with the corona virus curfew measures described within the scope of Turkey prepares to spend the festival for the first time quarantine, sugar and chocolate shop has also changed course.

This year, the weight will be sacrificed to the Eid al-Adha in the catering sugar and chocolate market, which is estimated to have reached 1 billion TL in 2019, and the Ramadan Feast sales share 60 percent.

While sector players pointed out that there will be no change in the total size of the market, sales have shifted to the internet channel.


A proportional change is foreseen in this period, during which special sales and production activities are carried out for the pandemic period. Şölen CEO Elif Çoban stated that a different holiday atmosphere prevails this year and the conditions have changed and made the following assessment:

* Normally, our sales in Ramadan Feast constituted 60 percent of our total sales and Kurban Feast 40 percent. We think this rate will change this year.

* We created our scenarios accordingly. With the case increase rate decreasing, the market will return to normal and sales will increase in the Feast of Sacrifice.

* Looking at last year, our turnover market share in the bulk chocolate market increased from 40.2 percent to 41 percent. In addition to our 2300 employees working in our facilities, 4700 people work in the field.


Turkey General Manager Ihsan also mondelēz international bream, Kent brand with stalls replacing the sugar feast and holy rituals pointed out that the Turkish people is indispensable.

“This year we realized our production without any problems. We have reached our 12 thousand-ton production target in our production facility in Gebze.

We increased our sales from 20 thousand festival to Turkey, including the sugar market town in general “information that Karagoz, announced that they constitute half of the $ 300 million gift and festive treats sugar market.

‘Quarantine will further increase consumption’

Ihsan bream, sugar consumption per household of 2.2 kilos annual feast in Turkey, the feast of the total consumption of sugar that was passed 18 thousand tons.

Noting that they will reach the same figures this year and do not foresee a big change in this sense, Karagöz said, “We anticipate that the people living at home will continue to consume the festive sugar spread over a longer period of time.

This year, our recommended shelf price will be 24.90 TL. When we consider the period we passed through and when we look at the sales realized until now, it is obvious that online channels will also be important this year. ”

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