Turkey : Operation center created for ‘coronavirus’ in Ankara

It emerges rapidly spreading in China ‘coronavirus’ measures against the outbreak in Turkey is increasing with each passing day. The operation center and scientific committee were created against the epidemic that alarmed many countries in the world, with the instruction of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca.

15 people work in the operation center established within the General Directorate of Public Health in Ankara. In the operation center, all information and developments in the world about the ‘coronavirus’ epidemic are transferred to the relevant units in order to take the necessary precautions, by following the effects of the virus, especially in China and other countries.


Head of Health Threats Early Warning Response Department, General Directorate of Public Health. Ali Göktepe, as the Early Warning Response Department, stated that they are following the developments related to the ‘coronavirus’ epidemic as well as any public health threats in the operation center. Göktepe said, “Because of the ‘coronavirus’ epidemic occurring in the world, our team has become active to monitor and follow the issue closely and to carry out the processes related to control measures. Here, we firstly follow the situation in the world, the spread and speeds in countries and closely monitor the hospitals in all public institutions and organizations in our country. We are actively following the processes in this regard. ”


Stating that they follow all the networks related to ‘coronavirus’ here, Göktepe said, “This place has the capacity to work 24/7. Therefore, whether we are the data of the Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization, we closely follow them and continue to follow our country very closely. Here, the core team consists of 15 people. But we are also in coordination with the relevant departments and public hospitals in the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health. With these studies, we send the message that we are ready for the virus. We also take all our preparations and measures in this regard. Our other ministries also make valuable contributions in this regard. We are carrying out these processes all together. ” (DHA)

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