Turkey : Promising news about Corona virus!

Here are five promising news about the corona virus, which affected the whole world:


According to BBC Turkish, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are at the first stage of the fight against the corona virus epidemic.

The number of corona virus cases has exceeded 600 thousand all over the world, and more than 130 thousand of them have great efforts in the healing of health professionals.

To appreciate this, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Britain, people from balconies and windows applauds health workers in many countries like India.

This trend first started in January in Wuhan province of China, where the virus appeared.

People also sing from their windows to give each other morale.

Does wearing a mask prevent the transmission of the corona virus?Does wearing a mask prevent the transmission of the corona virus?


At least China, where the virus appeared, seems to have taken control of the corona virus outbreak.

Due to the decrease in the number of viruses coming out of the country, the measures taken to control the spread of the virus began to be relaxed.

On March 25, the travel restriction was removed from the Hubei region.

The quarantine in Vuhan, which started in January, will be relieved on April 8.

The BBC’s Chinese correspondent, Stephen McDonell, reports that people are on the streets in Beijing, the country’s capital, to take a breath and open air.


Earlier this week, officials in Italy said the epidemic has entered the stabilization process.

After this explanation, the number of new cases and the number of people who lost their lives decreased for several days.

Despite a record increase in the number of those who lost their lives in Italy later on Friday, the decrease in figures for four days was seen as a glimmer of hope.

While the World Health Organization described this situation as encouraging, the chief of health in Lombardia, the region most affected by the country’s epidemic, said that they could see light at the end of the tunnel.

'We have largely stopped the Corona outbreak!'‘We have largely stopped the Corona outbreak!’


The world is waiting for the vaccine produced by the scientific world to stop the epidemic. Although several vaccines have been produced and experiments have been conducted on humans, the vaccine is not expected to appear within 18 months.

Nevertheless, the scientific world continues to work and discoveries about the corona virus, the official name of which is SARS-CoV-2, leading to Covid-19 disease.

This week, hopeful studies on the genetic code of the virus were done. It has been discovered that this virus is much less genetically mutated.

Thus, a uniform vaccine is thought to be sufficient to fight the virus.


Although the epidemic keeps people apart, communities come together on need. It is seen that kindness and solidarity are rising all over the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK were enrolled in the volunteer army needed by the health system.

In Spain, a doctor’s letter writing campaign for hospital residents drew great attention; hundreds of thousands have been sent.

People put rainbow symbols on their windows and balconies to instill hope.