Turkey : Psychologist-educator Dr. Üstün Dökmen spoke to SÖZCÜ: Do not speak anxiously with the child

We have two big tasks right now: The first is to deal with the virus, the second is to deal with our anxiety. There is no ending outbreak in this world. However, our anxiety caused by the virus can take a long time and turn into a phobia.

These words are psychologist-educator. Dr. It belongs to Üstün Dökmen. Dökmen, who made this warning to the society, explained what should be done.

A new definition has entered our lives: Coronaphobia…

* Anxiety does a lot of damage. Excess anxiety weakens one’s immune system. This virus and many other diseases will be more damaging if the immune system is weak.

* We are distracted by anxiety. Prolonged anxiety can trigger depression. It can lower our quality of life. It is necessary to deal with this anxiety. If he wants, he can turn everywhere into paradise.


How are we going to turn our home into paradise?

* With our look style. I have toys on my desk. It’s heaven for me. We will get rid of this problem. There is no unfinished outbreak, it will be over. But another trouble may start in the future.

Professor Dr. Üstün Dökmen answered Hande Zeyrek’s questions with a video connection from her home. Dökmen said, “I am currently taking a shower and wearing my tie. I applied lotion. You will not hear, but this is self-respect. ”

So what to do?

* We will understand that the world is a whole. 3 billion people have no toilets or taps. In such a world, other outbreaks will occur tomorrow. We cannot prevent this without thinking of the whole world.

‘Anxiety is VERY NATURAL’

There is also anger in people who close home. What should be done to destroy this?

* One wants to do two things a lot. Estimating and controlling shortly. Now we cannot. How closed the schools will be, nobody knows.

* It is natural to be anxious when we cannot predict and control. One of the things that anxiety reveals in humans is anger.

* Let’s notice this anger. After noticing, its effect decreases to some extent. Expressed distress ceases to be a distress. Others ask, “How are you?” They say, “I am fine, I have nothing.” No need to keep the tail upright unnecessarily.

How should we explain this process to children?

* It is necessary to tell the child the truth. Let’s not say little white lies. They will understand if we explain that we should not take your children in front of you and go out on the street with a calm voice.

* If you show that you are alarmed, they will also be alarmed. When parents speak with anxiety, this anxiety focuses on the child. Do not speak anxiously with the child.


How should we spend time?

* Show them birth photos and baby photos. They love it. Many like to hear the parents’ marriage story. What did her grandfather do when her grandmother first saw her? Let’s explain them. There are children’s games. Let’s play old games.

* There was a game I loved in primary school. You put a book on the carpet at an angle of 30 degrees. You throw the balls, your child, your spouse. Whose ball hits the other gets his. Children like it.

* Older children can play traditional games. Let them play 9 stones. You can organize your old albums by taking advantage of the opportunity.

Doctors struggling to save lives day and night give the message “Stay home”.

Stay home for your country

In this process, our lonely and elderly people are also very… What can we do for them?

* I am calling some lonely people I can reach. I’m looking for video. Relatives of those who are alone, please call 5 to 10 minutes every day and say hello.

* Grandchildren should listen to the memories of their grandparents. Let’s respect everyone. My country has lost respect. Trolls speak the tongue without bones. You turn on the TV fight…

* For God’s sake, respect the doctor. Now we applaud the doctors. 8 doctors have been killed in the last 10 years. We will always applaud the doctors. This country should pay more attention to positive sciences.


Doctors and their families are most anxious and dangerous in this process. What would you recommend to them?

* This is a big sacrifice. They are at the front, we are behind. I wish our healthcare professionals nothing. If something happens to someone, he is considered a martyr.

* For the sake of God, after a year or two, you should not be stupid. They learn from it.

There is a call to ‘stay home’ butit may come to a ban on getting out. How does this affect people?

* Measures are also required to ensure that citizens stay at home. It does not happen with wishes and wishes. There must be sanctions. He doesn’t get into the head without eating a fist. We have to understand this event before eating the fist, nationally..

* Our grandparents were said to come to war for your country if necessary in time. If necessary, it was said to be a martyr. We are called sit at home now. Why can’t we sit in our house? At least sit at your home for your country. This is not an apocalypse.

Professor Dr. Üstün Dökmen


Our tolerance limit is decreasing at home. How do we maintain the relationship between spouses?

* Divorces may increase in this process, but they do not, because I am joking that courts are closed. Fights may increase. Every insult, every fight is actually a call for peace.

* In this case, men at least help with housework. Share them. Let’s talk about the past good days. Let’s get new habits.

* When our Istanbul was occupied, our shopkeepers wrote “This passes, too” to the shop windows. This will pass.

Will there be a trace in our social memory when it passes?

* Kala. Some traumas leave a huge trace. Trauma therapy may be required. This will leave a social mark. This trace may have pluses and minuses. Plague left pros and cons.

* The European population would be more without plague. There is a plus. Societies who had plague after the plague learned to be clean. This will have a negative and positive effect. I wish we get closer to each other again. Being away brings loneliness.


Do you have daily routine suggestions? We woke up in the morning, what will we do first?

* Let’s not break what we do in normal time. Let’s make our breakfast beautiful. In the Battle of Gallipoli, Mustafa Kemal had a tin bath tub washed every day. Here he survives that discipline. She shaves every day.

* 10 days before August 26, Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s Çalıkuşu novel begins. If I was going to have a great war, I don’t read novels at night, Atatürk is reading.

* There is a possibility of survival that does not disrupt the discipline of life. Let’s prepare as if there is nothing to get up with. Ladies should make up your hair if necessary. Let’s continue our life. The survivor survives.