Turkey : Reactions to the decision of trustees to Science and Art Foundation are growing

Last month, the People’s Bank of Turkey founder of the foundation, including the financial problems due to the government confiscated Istanbul City University of Science and Arts Foundation, the management committee was appointed interim trustee for 3 people now.

While the appointment of a trustee has reacted, Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu said, “It is clear that the decision to appoint a trustee to the Science and Art Foundation, which is one of the important science and thought institutions of our country, is open and cannot be accepted. This wrong decision should be abandoned as soon as possible. ”

independent Istanbul deputy Mustafa Yeneroğl separated from the AKP in the “February 28 we just caught up in the assumption that observant cutting target, trauma we pressed our responsibilities, we deviate from liberal target Turkey for everyone, we have to draw lessons from history. He will not be the winner of this process. ”


Kemal Özden, President of the Human and Civilization Movement, said, “It is unacceptable to carry the process of confiscating the university to the foundation. Unfortunately, the process undermines the trust in the Islamic community seriously. Political competition is troubling thousands of people and institutions ”. İLKE Science and Culture Education Foundation ‘” Foundations are untouchable if there is no explicit abuse by the administrators. The plague to open this path is great and the consequences of loss of confidence will be serious for our country. ”

Özgür-Der President Rıdvan Kaya said, “The treatment of an institution that functions as a breath pipe and a shelter for our youth in the education area targeted by the February 28 bullying is a disgrace.”


“We destroy the Islamic intellectual accumulation we have built with our teeth and nails in 40 years, over 40 years,” said Yusuf Şafak newspaper writer, Yeni Şafak. Star newspaper writer Sibel Eraslan said, “It is really sad that an establishment established by Islamic circles with the labor and knowledge is transferred to the trustee today.”

Habertürk writer Nihal Bengisu Karaca said:

* Five years ago, if someone said that the Science and Arts Foundation, which was a civilian milestone in terms of intellectual equipment, knowledge and social sciences, would be confiscated and pursued, we would be a liar and walk away.

*But died. I am really curious about the excuse that BISAV will be made up and released for the trustee and can only catch carp.

* What will be the reason? Say, “The crime of causing progression and development in the cerebral cortex that we deem unsuitable because of excessive scientific and artistic nature.” Worthy

İsmail Kılıçarslan, the author of Yeni Şafak, is a sentence that hurts, hurts and tires our lives. I’m sorry too. ”

Osman Atalay, a member of the IHH Board of Trustees, stated that the decision of the trustee “was taken without thinking well”, said, “The conservative Islamic community may cause very deep silent and difficult to compensate.

While the decision writer Yıldız Ramazanoğlu said, “We destroy ourselves,” the theologian Metin Karabaşoğlu said, “We do not speak to the big mistakes, and we see those who remain unresponsive in the face of great injustices, ‘busy men’ or ‘subtle’. I will say, ‘The cafés in us’ are coming for them … ”