Turkey : Union chief spoke: Our hope is not to strike

Collective bargaining negotiations in the metal industry were recently blocked. Türk Metal Union decided to strike. The decision was posted at the factories. Turkish Metal Industrialists’ Union (MESS) took an important step today against the union, which held a rally with tens of thousands of workers in Bursa over the weekend. The employers’ union announced that they took the decision to lock-out. The employer union did not explain the start time of the lockout. MESS’s last raise was 10 percent. The Turkish Metal Union demands a 26 percent hike in workers’ wages. With this request, the contract period is required to be 2 years.


Turkish Metal Union President Pevrul Kavlak evaluated the lockout decision to Sozcu.com.tr. Kavlak explained the following in his statement: The lockout decision is a legal procedure. The employers’ union has decided to lock-out with the right granted to it by the law, just as we have decided to strike as legal unions in the legal period. Our hope is to sign this contract at the table without the need for a strike and lockout.

Notified to the stock market! Removal decision for thousands of workersNotified to the stock market! Removal decision for thousands of workers