Turkey : Scandalous refugee statement from EU country: Close borders

Austria’s anti-immigrant prime minister Sebastian Kurz, Turkey open its borders to refugees after the door to go to Europe to EU countries gave an interesting mind.

Reminding the refugee crisis between 2015 and 2016, Kurz stated that the influx of refugees should be stopped in the Balkans. Racist statements made from time to time with the ‘enemy of Turkey, known as’ Kurz, refugees has proposed the closure of the borders of the countries in the region to halt in the Balkans.


According to Reuters’ report, Kurz said, “We are in exchange with our partners in the EU about the Balkan route. “If the EU cannot protect its external borders, Austria will protect its borders,” he said. The Austrian Prime Minister stressed that the influx of refugees in 2015 should not be repeated.


Petra László, who worked as a reporter on a radical right-wing TV channel, was caught shooting refugees entering the Hungarian territory from the border region of Serbia, kicking the refugee girl in the cameras of other press members, and triping a Syrian refugee carrying a child in her arms.

After these highly resounding images, Petra László was brought before the court on charges of “aggression” and was sentenced by the Hungarian court for this crime, but his sentence was suspended.

harsh response to the Greek minister of refugees from Turkey!harsh response to the Greek minister of refugees from Turkey!