Turkey : Shocking decision for production in China from Volkswagen! – Sözcü Newspaper

It has announced that it will keep its factory, which is in partnership with SAIC (Shangai Automotive Industry Corporation) -VW, whose sales in China decreased by 11 percent compared to last month, until February 24. Due to the Corona virus, there is a halt in automotive manufacturing plants in China.

Last week, the VW brand announced on February 17 that they would resume production in China. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen China Group said, “We are trying to solve the problems with all our strength to return to our normal production calendar. The disruption of the supply chain and logistical support due to the problem, as well as the travel restriction, leaves us in a difficult situation. ” With the return of production to normal, Volkswagen announced that it would take the necessary disinfection and mask importance.

SAIC-VW stands out as the most profitable partner company of the German giant in 2018. According to the annual income results of 2018, it has 2 million units of sales for 28.9 billion Euros of income.

Production in China will start again!Production in China will start again!

In addition to Volkswagen models, the factory, which has 95,000 employees, also produces cars of the Audi and Skoda brands.

The danger in China can also affect Europe!The danger in China can also affect Europe!