Turkey : Snow and fog barrier to air transportation in Trabzon

Snowfall and fog that started in the city in the morning affected the air transportation negatively. The planned flights from Trabzon Airport were mutually canceled due to the weather opposition. It was stated that the trips will start again after the snowfall loses its effect.

Many flights planned for the city due to snowfall were canceled and the planes could not be taken off. Photo: DHA

252 neighborhood roads in the province have also been closed due to snowfall, which is especially effective in high areas. Metropolitan and district municipal teams have been continuing their salting efforts against icing since last evening, while snowfall is expected to reach the beaches, especially the town center Ortahisar district.

It snowed for the first time after 3 years from the city center. Photo: DHA

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, citizens were asked not to use their private vehicles due to snowfall. Remarking that the vehicles left in traffic due to snow cause disruption of the works, “We especially demand the use of public transportation vehicles and assist our municipal teams in necessary matters. Our teams are carrying out the necessary work with precision in every part of our city. ” (DHA-UAV)

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