Turkey : The clearest traces of Elazig earthquake

Following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Elazığ Sivrice on January 24, teams affiliated to the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA), which conducted an investigation in order to prepare a field observation report, witnessed a rare event.

Traces starting from the shore revealed traces of the river, and traces of faults revealed a distinct line.


While three academics continued their investigations around Karakaya Dam Lake, which is close to the epicenter of the earthquake, a suddenly bubble line was formed on the water surface on the river Euphrates. The traces of comfort observed on the water following the fault line also surprised the teams affiliated with the MTA Malatya Regional Directorate.

Experts who witnessed a rare event recorded those moments.

Those moments were recorded by Akın Kürçer, who was on the team, by mobile phone. In the image published on MTA’s website, Kürçer said the following about the interesting moments he recorded:


Earthquake Ilıncak As the MTA team, we conduct investigations on the beach of the village overlooking the Euphrates river. On the south side of the river, there is Doğanyol (District of Malatya). Right here, on the part of the fault in the Euphrates River, a tremendous streak formed in the water, possibly due to the outflow of water or gas. And this image occurred right now while reviewing here. It was a very interesting and beautiful observation.