Turkey : Starting tomorrow will last 3 days! Pay attention to the weather…

The sunny weather takes a break for a while and the rainy weather affects the dormitory. Tomorrow, including Istanbul, is expected to rain in the west of the country, and air temperatures will drop by 3-4 degrees. According to forecasts, precipitation will continue until Sunday. On Saturday, it will cover the whole country.


According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology; It is estimated that the southeastern parts of our country will be very cloudy, the east of Southeast Anatolia and Şanlıurfa circles will be rainy, the southeastern part of East Anatolia will be mixed with snow and rain, other places will be partly cloudy and less cloudy. Rainfall is expected to be in the form of heavy snow in Hakkari and southern parts of Van at night. It is estimated that there will be haze and fog in the morning hours in the south and east of Marmara, the North and Coastal Aegean, and the inner and eastern parts. Frost and frost are expected in the eastern parts. There is an avalanche danger in the places where the high snow cover in the east of Eastern Anatolia and the steep slopes of the high parts of the Eastern Black Sea.