Turkey : Terrible accident in Diyarbakır! Slammed on the windshield, somersault entered through the rear window

It occurred in Yenişehir district. According to the information obtained, the woman whose name could not be learned wanted to cross the road. Meanwhile, a fast passing vehicle hit the woman. The woman, who hit the windshield with the effect of the crash, then rolled over and entered the rear window.

112 emergency health and police teams were dispatched to the scene, following the news of the surrounding citizens who saw the accident.

The unfortunate woman, who was seriously injured in the accident, was taken to the hospital by ambulance after her first intervention at the scene. Despite all the interventions at the hospital, the woman could not be saved and died.

On the other hand, it was seen that both left tires of the vehicle that braked after the accident exploded. (IHA)