Turkey : Stepmother’s horror in Umraniye – News

Allegedly, 14-year-old I.T. went to the house where his father Mehmet Salih T. (41) and his stepmother Y.T (29), who was pregnant and had one child, lived.

After having dinner, her stepmother Y.T called I.T. to the kitchen to help her and asked the girl to place the dishes in the machine. While I.T. put the dirty dishes into the machine, the boiling water in the teapot on the counter was poured from the head of 14-year-old I.T.

The young girl boiled with boiling water pouring down her head was treated in the hospital. Photo: DHA

Kesra Yılmaz, the mother of I.T., complained about Y.T by saying that the incident was done deliberately. Y.T was taken into custody and delivered to Ümraniye Martyr Numan Şeref Datlı Police Station Headquarters. After his operations at the police, Y.T. He was released by the court in which he was released on condition of judicial control.

The stepmother, who allegedly burned her young daughter and was detained on complaint, was released after the prosecutor’s question. Photo: DHA

The young girl who had burns on her head and body was treated at the hospital. The treatment of I.T., which has been operated 3 times in the burn treatment department of Kartal Training and Research Hospital, continues. (DHA)