Turkey : What’s the latest in amnesty law? Will amnesty law come to parliament?

Prisoners and their relatives are curious about the amnesty law. So what’s the latest in amnesty law? Presentations were made to President Erdoğan recently about the new execution.


A comprehensive presentation was made to President Erdoğan about the execution of the execution. It is stated that with the regulation, an important step will be taken in issues that cause discomfort and impunity in the public. Accordingly, it is envisaged that those who are sentenced to 1 month of imprisonment for a certain period of time without a decision such as postponement, monetization and the release of the announcement of the verdict are envisaged. In the current system, someone who was sentenced under 18 months never entered prison. Because the execution of the 18-month sentence, that is, 2/3 was calculated as 1 year. Since they were under the scope of probation during this period, these people never went to prison.
With the new arrangement, this system ends. The one-year automatic probation mechanism is abandoned. The sentence of someone sentenced to 1 month in prison will be 15 days. 1/5 of this period will be evaluated under probation. That is, a person who is sentenced to 1 month in prison will stay in prison for 12 days. Of course, this period will be spent in open prison since it is under 3 years.

According to the new system, 2/3, ie 67% of the penalties imposed by the courts will be spent in prison, instead of% of 50%. 1/5 of this period will be spent under probation. The audit period will not be more than 3 years under any condition. For example; The sentence of a person sentenced to 10 years in prison by the court will be 5 years. After 4 years of these 5 years have been spent in prison, the convict will be released under probation under probation. In other words, if a person who is sentenced to 10 years is in good condition, he will spend 4 years in prison in total. In the current system, someone who was sentenced to 10 years was staying in prison for 5 years and 8 months.


Not every crime will be covered. Those who commit sexual crimes, drug trafficking, organized crimes, terrorist crimes and repeat (those who commit crimes again) will be out of the scope of execution. In these crimes, enforcement will continue to be implemented at ¾ 75%. In other words, the execution of a person who is sentenced to 10 years for any of these 5 crimes will be 7.5 years. 1/5 of this penalty will be spent under probation.


With the regulation, the scope of execution in the dwelling is also expanding. The current system allowed the punishment of women under 6 months to be executed at home. This period is increased to 1 year. The execution of the sentence of a woman convict who is sentenced under 1 year can be done at home with an electronic tracking system. Again, in the old system, the punishment of those over 70 years old was allowed to be executed at home. This period is now increased to 2 years. For those aged 75 and over, the duration of 3 years is increased to 4 years. Persons reported by the Forensic Medicine Institute that they cannot survive in prison alone will be able to execute their sentences of up to 3 years in the dwelling.


Erdogan announced that the first package within the scope of the Judicial Reform Strategy Document, after the 39-item law proposal passed through the Parliament, the second package of about 30 articles, which is known as the “amnesty package” in the public, with regulations on execution and alimony will come to the parliament in a few weeks.