Turkey : SurKONDU… History is under threat! – The latest news

Trabzon Castle and its walls, built on the high rock mass between Tabakhane and Zağnos valleys in the 4th century BC in the Roman period in Trabzon, have surrendered to the buildings today.

In Ortahisar District, structures adjacent to the fortress walls were built between Tabakhane and Zağnos valleys. Fortress walls were destroyed due to construction, and visual pollution occurred. Trabzon Castle and its walls are requested to be restored and protected.

Adjacent structures also create image pollution. (PHOTO: DHA)


Coşkun Erüz, President of the Association for the Protection of Natural and Historical Values, stated that the surrounding structures threaten the fortress walls and stated:

* Since the historical city and the modern city do not separate from each other in Trabzon, there is a huge construction pressure on the historical castle in the city. A large part of Lower Hisar was destroyed with the buildings. It seems that Ortahisar and Yukarıhisar are currently protected.

* Since the castles came out of the defense and returned to their living areas since the Ottoman period, they were somehow deed in those areas and started to be used by the rightful owners.

* Since the Republic could not be taken under protection with the Republican period, some of the buildings were demolished and modern reinforced concrete structures were built in their places.

* This threatens the fortress walls. Because the reinforced concrete structures placed on the static structure of the historical wall presses and destroys the walls, and at the same time reveals a very ugly appearance.

City residents want the region to be brought to tourism. (PHOTO: DHA)

“We are about to lose”

Erüz, who called for the area to be expropriated and cleared of reinforced concrete buildings, said that the city walls should be brought to tourism.

Erüz continued as follows:

* In the restoration works, it is necessary to bring the historical urban fabric to the historical city texture by doing a work that does not apply pressure and can be visited. It is not necessary to build modern buildings with a historical look, but historical houses with bay windows in the Ottoman period.

The density of reinforced concrete structures is remarkable. (PHOTO: DHA)

* Unlike now, unidentified buildings with stone pavements should not be placed there. Currently, we are about to lose the castle of Trabzon. Precautions should be taken as soon as possible. “It should be used as a living and touristic place,” he said.


Urban resident Fuat Dikkanoğlu stated that the houses are deed and the texture could not be preserved in time. But they built their houses adhering to the castles. Now most of those houses have been destroyed. While it was collapsing, some of the walls were destroyed. These are very suitable places to attract tourists. This place should be brought to tourism with certain works ”.


Ufuk Arslan, another resident of the city, said: “The historical walls are ruined. If those castles were in the hands of another nation, they would not be left to disappear like this. Tourists have been coming here for years, they want to enter, but they can not go in any way, they go back. We do not know the value of these places. These places started to be used as a dump ”. (DHA)