Turkey : How much was the dollar? (2/27/2020)

The dollar / TL corona virus has remained at its highest levels since May 2019, after the sharp rise at the beginning of the week with concerns that the impact of the virus on global economic activity may increase.

With the sharp losses of the US shares reaching 3 percent yesterday, the escape from the global risk that will press dry upwards is strong.

Geopolitical developments and global developments are followed in the markets following the hard sales that approached 6 percent in the aviation sector and 4 percent in banking at the beginning of the week and resulted in testing over 6.16 in dollars / TL.

After strong sales pressure on Monday, the markets fluctuated in two days but followed a more horizontal trend.

Turkey is a source of tension in relations between the US Halkbank’s proceedings as judged by the United States of violating Iran sanctions being followed in the market. (Reuters)