Turkey : The 8-year-old boy who was tortured died! Her aunt is in custody!

The incident took place in Basaran District of Çınar, last Wednesday. 8-year-old Muhammed Veli Dümez disappeared in the evening. Following searches by family members, the little boy was tortured the next day in a ruined house. Despite all the interventions in the hospital where Mohammed was removed, Mohammed died and could not be saved.


After the incident, the security forces started a large-scale investigation, the uncle of Mohammed Veli Dümez, V.T. and his aunt H.T. detained him. One of the suspects taken into custody, V.T., was released in the court where he was referred after his statement, under the condition of judicial control. It was learned that the question of H.T., who was still in custody, continued. (IHA)