Turkey : The departure of refugees in Istanbul continued at night

Turkey, thousands of refugees from various countries, including then announced that it would block the border crossing of Syrian refugees in particular, had moved to emigrate to Europe. The journey of refugees who have been traveling to Edirne by buses and minibuses for two days continued from Istanbul to Edirne at night.


In Vatan Street, it was seen that refugees got on buses to go to Edirne in groups. Refugees who meet in front of Muratpaşa Park and Aksaray Metro take the buses and minibuses to the border.

Last minute ... number of immigrants leaving Turkey have been announced!Last minute … number of immigrants leaving Turkey have been announced!


a refugee waiting to go to Europe, “Here we go, but we are leaving our hearts in Turkey. This is heaven, but now we’re going to hell. We are going to Europe, we have to. We will go by land. ” (IHA)