Turkey : The expert sergeant who was injured in the Idlib attack came to his home!

One of the soldiers injured in the low attack, Specialist Sergeant Ayhan Ertemiz was brought to his father’s quarry in the Bozüyük district of Bilecik, his hometown.


Expert Sergeant Ayhan Ertemiz, who has been in the 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of Kırklareli Lüleburgaz and has been working in Syria for 7 months, was injured in the attack that broke our country on February 27. After the attack in Idlib, the expert sergeant who was treated in Hatay was brought to the father’s house in Bozüyük by an ambulance today.

Sergeant Ayhan Ertemiz. PHOTO: WORD

Specialist sergeant Bozüyük District Governor Hasan Yaman, Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu, Mayor of Bozüyük Republican Mehmet Çepni, Bozüyük District Gendarmerie Commander Major Serkan Aktay, Garrison Commander Captain Murat Günhan, Bozüyük District Police Director Ömer Koparan, Deputy Mayor Mahmut Fındık and Ali Şahinoğlu visited.


Specialist Sergeant Ertemiz, thanking everyone who visited him, said that he wanted to regain his health and surrender to his unit as soon as possible.

While all the guests who visited the expert sergeant’s home convey their wishes, they expressed that they felt the grief and grief of the martyrs.

Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu gave the injured specialist sergeant by framing the photo of the “Rocket Fountain Operation, M. Talat Bakkalcıoğlu and his family” on which the expert sergeant sent him to him when he was in charge in Resulayn months ago. Specialist Sergeant Ayhan Ertemiz, who was very touched by this gift, thanked everyone who did not leave him alone.