Turkey : The news that destroyed the Felicity Party from the avalanche disaster in Van

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu published a message of condolence from his social media account about the avalanche disaster in Van and the death of 38 people.

Karamollaoğlu used the following expressions in his sharing:

* While having the sadness of losing 5 citizens in Van yesterday, I have learned with great regret that today 8 citizens died due to the avalanche in the rescue efforts. I wish urgent healing to those who lost their lives in these bitter events, to those who have been merciful from Allah.

* I wish our condolences to our sad family and our organization to the Felicity Party İpekyolu District President Mehmet Emin Kurt, who lost his life in the avalanche disaster that took place in Van and which chased our hearts.