Turkey : Veiled trustee – Sözcü Gazetesi

Dear Readers; After visiting the earthquake zones of İmamoğlu, his family and TV nightingales captured the scene on the ski vacation photos in Erzurum with his family. Anyway, this holiday was a material that could not be searched for a long time by the supporters. They seized the material and chewed it like gum for days. I, as an individual, find the words of Mr. President about the family very positive and evaluate it as an exemplary behavior. But my complaints about Mr. İmamoğlu are different…

Since he became president, he has turned the form of government that some parts of the society are accustomed to. Is it a lie? You conquered the fortress called Indestructible twice. You took off the jacket in the squares, stripped the sleeves of your shirt, you said young. You meant you say old to the other island, I don’t know. I called my government a livable city for the happiness and prosperity of 16 million Istanbul residents and threw the veil of 25 years of covered management. Where did you come from, bro? As you are not like the managers we are used to, you have increased the momentum every day. What the hell do you think you are? You started broadcasting the meetings in IMM live, that is, you ruined all the usual things.

What happened in the municipality in the past, we are not aware of who is taking the goods, we slept without a depression, we lived happily without using depression pills. we cannot drink.

And the worse thing is, you ignore the facilities provided to you by the power and make different meanings. The rulers of the country have taken the throat management and big tenders into their own bodies just to save you from the shakes, and this is what happened to you in the future, they are saving you from this. What kind of a person are you that you cannot see these favors !? On top of that, you are one of the people and trying to prevent the dream of the century, “Kanal Istanbul”. Just because the water resources you have fastened will be largely destroyed…

What to do, Turkey, is not a big country where all western jealous? It sweetens the sea water and uses slapstick. A very beautiful island will be created, consisting of villas with towers around it. Look, 5 million Syrians came, is it bad? They are run at cheap prices, so our local brothers are resting and tired. Our Arab religious brothers will purchase the villas and skyscrapers in the newly formed “AK ADA” and contribute concrete to the beautiful country economy. With this channel, we will also hit the second bird with a stone. The US will now be able to position all its armed forces in the Black Sea, regardless of treaties.

Mr. President, when they start talking about it, they always say, CHP, the party of two drunkards, just like the Bazaar, against all the beauties that the AKP has done. He said that I will object to all the CHP’s suggestions from now on. There is a word that is widely used in the region where he was born and in Malatya where I was born. But it can be so convenient.

Didn’t the President say to Mr. Imamoğlu, look at your job? Yeah, look at it, brother, it’s been six months. You call the earthquake. No, they have made shopping malls in earthquake meeting areas, no what will these people do! What did they do for shopping malls, have you ever thought? God forbid when an earthquake occurs, if it is summer, it is cool, if it is winter, you have a hot time. In restaurants, we will feed our bellies and drink our tea easily. As we say national, you are not going to try and get a loan from the pity. I really can’t understand why you are trying to break the order.

The unbelievers in social media, come to yourself! .. The day after the earthquake, Mr. President is putting on the pre-programmed travels of Algeria, Gambia and Senegal. He is the President of Turkey goes! Will he ask you? Come on from there…