Turkey : The young woman killed her fiance who wanted to leave!

According to the information obtained, the incident occurred in the City Forest of Aşağıçağlan District. The gendarme teams, who received the notice that they had a male corpse in the City Forest, went to the scene and made investigations.

As a result of the research, it was determined from the security cameras that Emrah Öztürk (28) and his fiancée Zehra Ö. (22) entered the City Forest at noon and Zehra A. alone came out of the forest about half an hour later.


In the investigation conducted by the Police Department about her family’s declaration of loss to the Odunpazarı District Police Department, the information of her fiancé Zehra Ö.

Zehra Ö., Who did not answer the phone, was caught by the joint work organized by the gendarmerie and police teams when she was about to board the Antalya bus the next day.


The young woman, who was caught to get on the bus, admitted that she had killed her fiancée Emrah Öztürk as a result of the interrogation, and stated that she had killed him because he said that he had “problems between them and he would throw the engagement”.


On the other hand, as a result of the research carried out by Crime Scene Investigation Teams (OYİT) in the murder area, it was learned that Emrah Öztürk, who lost his life, had 8 knife blades in his abdomen and his throat was cut.

While Öztürk was sent to the morgue of Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital for autopsy, the investigation continues. IHA