Turkey : Corona virus interview between Turkey and Iran!

Minister Koca, who shared from his social media account, used the following statements:

* We hosted the venerable Mohammad Farazmand, the Iranian Ambassador to Ankara, in our Ministry.

* We expressed our regrets about the new coronavirus incident in their country, and consulted the measures we took as two neighboring countries.


There is an increasing concern that the disease will begin in China and become a global epidemic with devastating and fatal effects after numerous cases of Corona viruses in South Korea, Italy and Iran. In China, the number of people who have lost their lives due to Corona virus has increased by 158 people in the last 24 hours to 2,619 and the total number of cases has been announced as 79.360.

In the outbreak called Covid-19, it was announced that 25 thousand 44 people were treated. According to the said numbers, 158 people died in the last 24 hours due to the virus, and the number of cases increased by 593.

Corona virus panic in the Middle East!Corona virus panic in the Middle East!