Turkey : Those who have holiday plans after the holiday, beware! Minister gave history

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made evaluations about the tourism sector at the teleconference held with the participation of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) assembly and committee members.

In the teleconference, which started with the opening speech of İZTO Chairman Mahmut Özgener, the problems and solution suggestions related to all stakeholders in the tourism sector, which was affected by the corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak, were discussed one by one.


Explaining the problems faced by the tourism sector due to the epidemic affecting the whole world, solution suggestions and what to do in the upcoming period, Minister Ersoy used the following statements;

* In order to revive domestic and international tourism, airline traffic must first be opened. For this purpose, while Health Certification Programs prepared together with the Ministry of Health and Science Board are examples to the whole world, at the same time, letters of intent were shared with our counterparts thanks to the International Tourism Diplomacy carried out together with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


* After the holidays, a special holiday permit will be created for departures from Istanbul. With this license, which will be valid as of early June, İzmir starts to pick up passengers as 3-4 June.

Emphasizing that the opening of air traffic is critical in mobilizing the entire sector, Minister Ersoy said, “Our goal is to gradually open air traffic in mid-June and increase its density in July”.


Stating that the regulation on restaurants has been published today, Minister Ersoy stated that an assessment in terms of capacity will be wrong in restaurant openings, but social distance rules are very important and there will be no problem as long as the 1.5 meter social distance rule is followed.

He added that in every business opened, it will be necessary to take measures by changing split air conditioners or air conditioning systems or not operating air conditioners.


Under this arrangement; Minister Ersoy, who declared that the circular that works by taking into consideration the recommendations of the Scientific Committee and the Ministry of Health Circulars at the date of the establishment of the accommodation, food and beverage sector, and which keeps the public health at the highest level, was published on the Ministry’s website today. It is in a quality and scope to constitute ”.


Providing information about the regulations regarding the employment of foreign workers in tourism, Minister Ersoy stated that foreign workers will only be tested at the entrance to the country and that their locations will be kept in quarantine if it is positive.

Minister Ersoy added that a new regulation might come up at the request of the sector in order to continue the work of agents from home after June.


Stating that the cruise companies continue to negotiate with each other to establish a consensus amongst the time when the trips will start all over the world, Minister Ersoy said, “According to the heard, the ships are expected to arrive in September.”

Expressing that he has held talks with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his own counterparts on opening land and sea gates in nearby destinations, Minister Ersoy said that if Greece and Bulgaria land and sea gates are opened, they aim to increase mutual tourism movements with common tourism packages.

Pointing out that not only tourism but all sectors have gone through a difficult process due to the epidemic, Minister Ersoy also stated that new packages will be prepared to support employment within the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and will be implemented to improve the whole economy regardless of the sector. IHA

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