Turkey : Waitress stealing patients’ belongings caught from images

The incident occurred at a private hospital in Pendik. Allegedly, the wristwatch in the room where Gamze Ö.

Two days after this incident, another patient’s cell phone disappeared. In another theft incident on February 4, Hanife D.’s cell phone was accompanied by a companion. After the incidents, the situation was reported to the police.


Trust Teams Branch Directorate teams affiliated to the Istanbul Police Department examined the security camera records in the hospital. In the study, it was understood that theft events took place after a waiter who distributed food to the patients entered the room.

The suspect was determined to be Zeynel T., a private company employee. The suspect, who was seen to have received something from the food cart served to the rooms, was caught with the instructions of the prosecutor’s office.


It was learned that Zeynel T., whose statement was taken in the police confessed, that he had committed theft. Police teams seized one of the hours and phones that the suspect stole in calls.

The other phone that the suspect stole was found in searches made in a different place that he said he had thrown. The suspect, whose procedures were completed in the police, was arrested by the judicial authorities to which he was referred.

The thief fled his test with him in 6 secondsThe thief fled his test with him in 6 seconds