Turkey : When is the PS5 launch? What are PlayStation 5 features?

Sony’s long-awaited PS5 will be launched today. The countdown has begun for the launch, which will be followed closely by the console players. In the past weeks, DualSense images of PS5 appeared, and system features were also shared. It has been announced that the launch of PlayStation 5 tonight (June 11) will be released online as part of corona virus measures.

Sony’s director Sid Shuman announced in a statement about the introduction of the new PS5, that the launch will be presented with 1080p and 30 FPS. Shuman also recommended watching the introduction of the PS5 by wearing headphones. The reason for this, Shuman stated, was that a very careful sound work was done for the event to be broadcast from the band.


According to information contained in the blog of Sony’s PlayStation Turkey 5 event will begin at 23:00 clock. The PS5 event can be followed on Twitch or YouTube.


The main features of PlayStation 5 are as follows;

PS5 is powered by eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU processors. The device has 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and an 825 GB of SSD storage.

PlayStation 5 also comes with very superior audio features. The device, which will use Tempest 3D, a highly advanced 3D sound technology, will make hundreds of different special sounds available simultaneously.

PS5 will stand out with its image quality. PS5 users will be able to play games with a superior image quality with the help of a 4K TV.

The controller of Playstation 5 has appeared! When will PS 5 be released?The controller of Playstation 5 has appeared! When will PS 5 be released?

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