Turkey : When will universities be opened? YÖK President explained… – Sözcü Newspaper

With the faculties taking a break from education in the past days, university students started to continue their education with distance education. The questions asked by the students were answered by the President of YÖK. When will universities be opened?


Saraç’s comments:

* Today, we made decisions on some issues in our General Assembly of YÖK. This year, we decided to continue the spring term education process only with distance education, open education and digital education.

* Our universities will complete the programs / courses and applied courses that they cannot offer under distance education, open education and digital education opportunities in the calendar they set in summer.

* In other words, we have moved the spring term calendar to summer months for these programs and courses. The summer school experience of Turkish higher education provides an extremely valuable opportunity for our universities.

* Considering the end dates of the summer school, we will determine the educational calendar next year. In this regard, we believe that we can easily manage this issue in light of the practices and experiences we have carried out in extraordinary situations in the past years.