Turkey : ‘Your legs are clear. Don’t come back to the library with shorts! “

In the Gebze district of Kocaeli, 20-year-old M.U. He had a problem with the shorts he wore in the library of Gebze Youth Center under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

M.U. said that he was warned by the security guard that ‘Don’t come here again like this’. He spoke to the spokesperson. MU “I’ve been wearing shorts for 3-4 days. I started to realize that the looks changed. Yesterday the security guard came to me. The manager said he came with a brain instruction. Anlama Don’t get me wrong, but it’s not nice to dress like this. ‘ He said that my lines and legs are very clear ”.


Stating that the security guard said, “Our headmaster is disturbed by such things,” M.U. said:

* I said I would continue to wear shorts. I told him that I don’t think like them. ‘Wear elsewhere. It doesn’t happen here, don’t wear it here. ‘

* I said ‘OK’ I closed the subject. I didn’t go to the library today. I will go again tomorrow. And I’m going to wear shorts again.

* There is a misunderstanding, but I want to correct it. They didn’t take me out of the library. They warned. But even this is a huge mistake.


Kocaeli Province Youth and Sports Manager Muzaffer Cintimar confirmed the allegations and announced that the investigation was initiated.

Speaking to Sözcü, Cintimar said, “We started an investigation about the incident. It is not an exaggerated situation. Our child has not been offended and has not been thrown out. A security guard woman warned during a chat while smoking a cigarette in front of the door. We will make an official statement after the investigation on the subject is completed. ”

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