Turkey : Will they be the most valuable car brand in the world? – Sözcü Newspaper

According to Bloomberg’s report, Tesla currently has a market value of $ 190 billion. Being the biggest competitor of the brand and the most valuable automobile brand in the world, Toyota has a market value of $ 210 billion. Considering these values, Tesla will have caught the Japanese giant if Tesla remains stable in return for an 11 percent increase.

Tesla Cybertruck

It is also worth remembering that Tesla has experienced a 23 percent increase since the beginning of June. The American manufacturer produced only 103,000 vehicles in the first quarter, while Toyota produced 2.4 million cars.

Tesla Model 3

American electric car manufacturer Tesla passed the AG in January and became the second most valuable automobile brand in the world. German manufacturer ID.3 will deliver deliveries of its fully electric economic car at the end of this summer.

Japanese manufacturer Toyota considers 2020 profit forecasts to fall 80 percent. They point to a year after the market and sales are restored. The brand’s shares have declined by about 10 percent this year until June.

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