Turkey : A ‘social research report’ has been prepared for Kadir Şeker

Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, a ‘social research report’ was prepared to determine whether Kadir Şeker was intentional in the crime.

In the report prepared by asking questions to his close circle in Akşehir, where his prisoner Akşehir and his family lived, where the detainee had studied high school, it was noted that information was obtained that Kadir Şeker had a masterful and charitable personality and that there was not even a small discussion.

It was stated in the vehicles that Şeker got on, when he saw women and old passengers, he stood up and took place, his family members were not prone to crime, they gave great importance to their education with their brother and they were successful in their schools.

On the other hand, it was stated that the requested report regarding the coat and backpack of Şeker sent to criminal investigation has not been completed yet. (DHA)


The incident occurred on the evening of February 5. According to the allegation, there was a dispute between Ayşe D. and Özgür Duran, who came to Antalya from Konya 4 months ago. Upon discussion, Ayşe D. left the house and came to the park where the incident took place. Duran started to beat the woman he was chasing in the middle of the park. Meanwhile, Kadir Şeker, who saw the incident and intervened, killed Özgür Duran by stabbing him in the heart. Taken into custody, Şeker was arrested for ‘deliberate murder’ at the courthouse where he was transferred.

Father of Özgür Duran killed by Kadir: This event ...Father of Özgür Duran killed by Kadir: This event …