Turkey : No house left in the neighborhood hit by two earthquakes

After the earthquake that occurred in the Zerabad region of the Hoy district of Iran’s West Azerbaijan province at 5:55 am, a second shock of the same magnitude occurred at 19:00 am.

The graves of eight people who died in the earthquake were excavated in the evening. (PHOTO: UAV)

Turkey’s neighborhood of the Başkale in the district due to the earthquake that occurred on the border with Iran, major damage occurred. Nine people, four of whom were children, died in the morning earthquake. In the evening earthquake, there were no casualties and injuries.

There are no damaged buildings in Özpınar Neighborhood. (PHOTO: UAV)

Özpınar, from the four quarters hit by the earthquake, was the most destructive place. In the neighborhood where eight people lost their lives, there was not a single solid house. (IHA)