Turkey : Armed attack on the police at the bus station! A police officer

The incident occurred at Bayrampaşa, at 15:15 pm, on July 15, Democracy Bus Station. July 15 Democracy Bus Station The police officer at the police station was waiting for the subway at the station to go home after work, while a person approaching from behind took the gun in the back of the police for an unknown reason.

There was a rift between the police officer and the suspect. The assailant shot the police in the leg with the gun of the police officer. While the police officer was injured after the incident, the attacker escaped with the gun of the police on foot and was involved in the losses. Police teams launched a wide-ranging investigation to capture the suspect who escaped by taking the gun of the injured police.

Citizens and security guards in the neighborhood informed the police and medical teams at the bus station police station. Paramedics coming to the scene took the injured police to the hospital by making the first intervention. It was learned that the police officer who was taken to the hospital had a good health condition.


Police officers and night guards at the Police Station ran after the police to catch the suspect, who took the gun and got involved. According to the information obtained, the police teams who searched the rails and the metro station for a while did not find any trace of the suspect. Many reinforcement police teams arrived at the scene. Police teams started working to catch the suspect at the bus station entrances and the surrounding areas. At the station where the incident took place, police teams conducted detailed crime scene studies. In addition, police teams examined the security camera footage of the bus station and the metro station. Investigation into the incident continues. DHA