Turkey : Attorney’s office vehicle at the service of the citizen

MHP Tokat Member of Parliament, Yücel Bulut, accepted Emine Başara, who came to visit him from Karayaka town of Ankara, in the district of Erbaa, Tokat, in the office of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. After chatting with Basara for a while and listening to his problems, Bulut from MHP then assigned Basara to his office in order to handle his business in Ankara. Having done his work in the city, Basara took a photo in front of his office vehicle while saying goodbye and asked the Deputy Bulut to share it on social media.


Deputy Yücel Bulut shared the photo from his social media account and said, “Our office vehicle and our colleagues were assigned to the service of our aunt Emine from Tokat today. I am sharing this photo because he asked him to share it. May Allah give you health and good health. Everything is worth a smile to the Anatolian people. ”
Thousands of people liked the photo, while many citizens made commendable comments to Bulut.

Vekil Yücel Bulut and Emine Başara – SÖZCÜ


Deputy Yücel Bulut, who said that he has allocated his office vehicle to the elderly people who come to Ankara to visit him since the day he was selected, said, “I have not made such a share before. I would not share this either. But Aunt Emine wanted a lot. He had a request for his son. He would also go to the hospital because he had health problems. We allocated the office tool to Emine aunt to get her things done easily. If I do not have a job, I allocate the authority tool to the older people who have jobs coming to visit me. The authorities are temporary. The important thing is to take part in the hearts, ”he said.