Turkey : Last minute… A ceasefire agreement between the USA and the Taliban! US soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan

Providing information, provided that his name remains confidential, he stated that the agreement envisions “reduction of violence” for 7 days, and that after that period, the Afghan peace talks will be launched within 10 days, including the entire Afghan government forces.

According to the news in the Voice of America, the official noted that the Taliban committed to stop roadside bombs, suicide attacks and rocket attacks, that the United States will monitor the ceasefire and check for violations.


It is also reported in the news that if the Taliban complies with the agreement, the agreement will be signed with all the parties in Afghanistan, which will start peace negotiations.

An official from the Taliban stated that the second agreement will be signed on February 29 and the dialogue process within Afghanistan will begin on March 10. Officials said Germany and Norway suggested hosting the talks, but no decision has yet been made on the venue. He added that the withdrawal of authorized foreign soldiers would begin gradually and spread over 18 months.

US President Donald Trump visited US soldiers at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan in November 2019. (PHOTO: REUTERS)


US President Donald Trump previously canceled peace talks at the last minute due to the attack on which the two Americans died. The new development came after the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper met with Afghanistan President Eşref Gani in Munich on Friday.

According to US officials, US President Trump has also ratified the agreement in principle.

It was stated that the Special Representatives of the USA, Afghanistan Zalmay Halilzad and Taliban, were working on the details of the agreement in Doha recently. Pompeo and Esper were informed that Halil Scott and Commander of the US-led international power General Scott Miller in Afghanistan also participated.

Statement by the US and the Taliban about the crashed plane in AfghanistanStatement by the US and the Taliban about the crashed plane in Afghanistan