Turkey : Just then! They quickly escaped left and right

The panic in the carpet shop owned by Mahmut Ay in Zonguldak yesterday showed the uneasiness that the citizens experienced due to the corona virus epidemic. When the carpet wholesaler from Ankara to Zonguldak sneezes, employees and customers quickly escaped left and right.

Mahmut Ay, the owner of the business, also fell on the table, pulling his coat over his seat. The panic experienced by the moon and others was reflected in the security camera of the workplace.


Mahmut Ay told those moments:

* She sneezed while talking. Such a reflex occurred when he sneezed. I hugged my coat. I protected my face with my coat.

* My friends escaped from the shop. There is coronavirus on the agenda. We are trying to pay attention.

* When it came, we used cologne and other cleaning products. Such an incident occurred when sneezing.

* We were nervous. He couldn’t understand what happened, and he ran away.