Turkey : Last minute … China decision from Russia after Corona virus! Suspended

According to the news of Sputnik in Turkey, it was published on the website of the Council of Ministers of the respective mandates.

In the text of the instruction, the words “The temporary suspension of the visa-free tourist trips envisaged in the Agreement dated February 29, 2000 regarding the visa-free group tourist trips signed between the Russian government and the Chinese government” was included.

The document also said, “The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs temporarily suspends the acceptance, registration and issuance of Chinese work visa documents at the consulates in the People’s Republic of China, and that the Chinese administration is emphasized that the prescribed measures are taken due to special conditions and are strictly temporary.” .

It also stated that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and regional administrations were tasked with temporarily suspending the acceptance and issuance of invitation and work permit documents from citizens applying for work from China.

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